Curtain Cleaning & Blind Cleaning

We Attend,Take Down,Clean & Rehang



On site take down
A member of our experienced team will tend to your curtains and/or blinds on-site, taking pictures and measurements of how the items are before the curtain cleaning process.


Re-hang Service
After our professional curtain cleaning process we will re-hang your curtains and/or blinds and steam press them on-site to give them a crisp finish.


On-site Steam Cleaning
We are pleased to now offer a convenient on-site steam cleaning service. This process avoids the necessity of removing your curtains or blinds and eliminates any risk of shrinkage. Steam cleaning has been proven to kill a majority of bacteria and germs without the use of chemicals. This service may not be suitable for curtains or blinds that are heavily stained.


Fire Proofing
Curtains are not typically regarded as dangerous when it comes to fire safety. Their length however can often put them in the way of dangerous heat sources, such as fireplaces, heaters, candles..etc. As a precaution we would recommend our fire proofing service which is a simple yet effective preventative measure.


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