Saree Cleaning

Due to their delicate nature most people worry about Saree cleaning and do not want to risk having their delicate traditional outfits treated.
At Connoisseur Dry Cleaners we can put those fears to rest. We operate with the latest and most delicate cleaning processes. This combined with our experience and expertise enables us to clean Saree’s and traditional outfits regardless of materials, embroidery, beads or sequins.
Connoisseur’s Saree cleaning techniques require the use of our licensed GreenEarth Cleaning process, which is ideal for garments of a delicate nature and will clean your most treasured items gently and efficiently.

Nationwide service available
Worried about storage and preservation?

We also offer a boxing service to preserve your garments. Once cleaned we can have them packaged in our hand made boxes using fine acid free tissue.
This offers the most protection, prevents any unnecessary deterioration and makes storage easier for years to come.
If you would like any further information about this service or have any questions please contact us or speak to a member of our team in store.

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Nationwide Postal Service available.

If you would like any more information about this service, please contact us or speak to a member of our team in store.