Down Jacket / Coat – Specialist Cleaning

Due to the nature of these items, Down Jacket / Coat cleaning should only be undertaken by a specialist.
At Connoisseurs we have been successfully treating a variety of down filled jackets / coats such as Canada Goose, Moncler, Shackleton for many years and our customers send their garments to us from all over the county!

We clean your down jacket / coat using a completely non-toxic, 100% environmentally friendly process which not only beautifully cleans but leaves no unwanted chemical odours.


  • Eco Friendly
    Safe for our environment, safer for you & safer for our staff
  • Better Finish
    Natural conditioning & anti-static properties give your clothing a softer feel
  • Odourless
    No unpleasant chemical odours
  • Brighter Colours
    Noticeably improves optical brightness to all colours & whites

Years of experience

Awards won for Greener Initiatives

Emissions from our van

Times less abrasive cleaning methods


With over 65 years experience we have successfully combined the traditional hand crafted and proven methods with new and ever-changing techniques in order to maintain the highest levels of service and results.

This service is available in store, door to door, or nationwide using our online postal service.

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Prices from £42.50.

Client Reviews

I can not recommend this place enough! Towards the end of the last winter, I accidently managed to get a tear on my jacket arm (see picture). During the summer, I sent it off to Canada Goose warranties and repairs in Scotland who refused to repair it even at my own cost (they were useless and waste of time). Not wanting to dish out another grand for a new jacket, I took it to this place and I have just received the jacket back… repaired, cleaned and like new, for less than 10% of the cost of the jacket (see pictures)! I was pleasantly shocked at the amazing job they did, both with the repair but also with the dry cleaning of the jacket (I had previously taken to a normal local dry cleaners who made the jacket look worn and dull instead of clean). The service and turnaround was amazing! I’m totally over the moon and will get an annual dry clean at this place! I literally cannot recommend them enough! DON’T GO ANYWHERE ELSE FOR CANADA GOOSE REPAIRS OR DRY CLEANING! Worth every penny this place, true Connoisseurs as the name suggest! 🙂



When I found myself in need of a specialist cleaner, (for my Canada Goose park!) I found this cleaner and after a really helpful phone call in advance, I decided to bring it to them to clean. Their service was fantastic and left me reassured my coat would be well looked after. Would definitely recommend for all types of clothing.

Poss Apostolou


The service at Connoisseur Dry Cleaners from start to finish is beyond excellent. I had torn my favourite down filled winter coat so sent them an online query via their website to see if they could repair it. Within minutes I received a phone call from them to discuss a solution. The result is that my coat has been repaired so well that I couldn’t even tell where the original rips were. They even delivered the coat to my home address. I have not used the dry cleaning service but I’m sure that I will. Finally I have a dry cleaners/ repair service that I can trust and at a reasonable price. Also they will pick up and deliver items for free within quite a large radius. So what’s not to love? Happy customer. Highly recommended. Thank you Ediz and team.

Karam Gidda